Norwich 2016 local elections launch

The Lib Dem plan for Norwich

Maintaining our city:

  • Build more houses and flats to provide homes for our citizens
  • Protect our valued community services

Improving Norwich infrastructure:

  • Provide more support to local small businesses
  • Help Norwich become an international hub for digital innovation
  • A clear vision for Norwich's transport needs

Improving your council:

  • Give power to local people, letting them have their say in their area to solve community problems
  • Expand income generation for the council

We aim to build as many houses as we possibly can, using funding that is available to the council. Waiting lists are far too long and many affordable houses are being lost to poor central government policy - we'll do everything we can to make sure Norwich has a healthy stock of affordable homes.

Liberal Democrats have always fought to protect local community services. In 2016 passed a motion in City Hall, putting pressure on the government by asking them to seriously reconsider their reduction in pharmacy funding. These cuts could mean chemists across Norwich closing, with similar fates for other community assets. We will always fight cuts to local services like this, every step of the way.

Local small businesses provide jobs, boost our economy and are vital for innovation in Norwich. A Liberal Democrat council will provide far more support to this important sector, giving training, space, and where possible contracts to ensure business in Norwich is always booming.

We realise the potential for Norwich to become not only a national but international hub for digital innovation. With many firms involved in the service sector and international links, we have a strong base on which to vastly improve the use of technology within the city. With our plan, Norwich can become a world leader in the digital economy.

Liberal Democrats have always worked tirelessly to make sure Norwich's transport is up to speed. We've fought for proper, safer cycle routes, as the current system is less than impressive, always lacking a clear overall vision for our city. Under a Liberal Democrat administration, proper consideration will be taken for future projects, with residents at the heart of our work. We want the people of Norwich to always get where they're going, and to understand where we as a council are going - and that is why a clear vision for transport is so important to us.

As liberals, we understand that local people should always be at the very centre of decision making for their area. We want to improve the way the council works, ensuring that residents are always consulted and always listened to with every new project that affects them. We also know how important your local area is to you, and how frustrating it can be when issues are ignored. Our councillors will always be easy to contact and will always pass on concerns to the council, making sure that any wear and tear or neglect in your community is sorted as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

A lot of money for the council comes from residents, and it is understandably of concern when this money is not spent properly. We will expand income generation, making sure that we secure national and international funding for the council wherever possible, meaning we have far more to spend on our city. This money will always be spent sensibly and where it is needed most, putting an end to the wasting of money at City Hall.