David Fairbairn

I retired recently from working as a laboratory technician at the Quadram Institute Bioscience. This has given me the free time to become more involved in community concerns. I have lived at my present address, in the ward, for over 25 years and have formerly been a City Councillor.

Traffic congestion and parking problems are a big concern for me. I think much more use could be made of the Park and Ride service so that it becomes commonplace to get a bus into the city.

There also needs to be a way to mitigate the impact of student houses in Nelson, as overflowing letter boxes and bins left in the street are upsetting for long term residents.

It annoys me when contractors dig a hole in the pavement, put barriers round it, then nothing gets done for days or weeks to finish the job, as has happened many times locally. Such disruption must be minimised.