James Wright

  • Norwich Evening News - People's Vote
    Article: Nov 28, 2018

    It was third time lucky yesterday evening, as the Lib Dem-led attempt to get Norwich City Council to endorse a People's Vote finally secured support from the ruling Labour administration.

    The amended motion reads as follows.

    The Government has now published the text of the draft deal on the UK's exit from the European Union.

  • Benjamin Foundation 2018 - Carrow Road
    Article: Nov 16, 2018

    Last night Eaton Cllr James Wright slept out on the streets to promote awareness of the homeless crisis in Norwich and raise money for the Benjamin Foundation. This was his 4th Benjamin Foundation Sleep Out, and he was joined by over 140 others who bedded down in the car park of Norwich City Football Club for the night. Participants were delighted that Norman Lamb MP was able to pay a visit, and James would like to thank Norman for his generous support.

  • Benjamin Foundation 2018 - Carrow Road
    Article: Nov 9, 2018
    By James Wright

    On November 15, Eaton Councillor James Wright will brave the elements to take part in the 2018 Benjamin Foundation Sleep Out at Carrow Road.

    This is the 4th time the Benjamin Foundation have held this fundraising Sleep Out, and James has taken part since the beginning.

    James was prompted to campaign to raise awareness of issues around homelessness and rough sleeping after seeing the short film - Homeless and Rough Sleeping in Norwich - back in 2012. The film contained a young girl talking about her experiences of rough sleeping, and only a couple of years previously she was a student at the school where James worked.