Lib Dem activists

Cllr James Wright with a number of local activists

This election comes at a vital time for our country and city. As the Tory government continues to make life worse, a Liberal Democrat councillor will ensure that Norwich is always the very best it can be.

Working for you in our fine city

Our plan for Norwich aims to let local people have far more of a say on decisions made at City Hall, giving more power to the people in the community.

We will seek opportunites to provide jobs through our investment in Norwich, such as our desire to see the Colman's site redeveloped as a conference centre and concert hall, and we will endeavour to build far more houses and flats to reduce an already-high waiting list for properties.

We want to improve our transport links as well as bettering our digital links with the world, aspiring to make Norwich an international hub for digital innovation.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats also sends a strong message to the national government, that we are not supportive of a hard Brexit or devestating spending cuts to our national services.

The Liberal Democrats have had some difficult years, but it certainly feels like a corner has been turned locally and nationally. Party membership has soared, reaching over 100,000 nationally - our highest ever figure. We want to build on this success with some strong election results in Norwich this year.

It is time for a fresh approach for at City Hall, and so I urge you to vote Liberal Democrat on May 3rd.

Cllr James Wright