Lib Dem activists

Cllr James Wright with a number of local activists

To be a Liberal Democrat is to believe passionately in the power of local action by committed individuals to achieve results for communities.

Across the country, our councillors are the ones embedded in those communities giving people a voice.

More than any other party we believe in local solutions to local problems and that the closer and more engaged residents are to the decision-making process the better.

Our group on Norwich City Council has a proud record of pushing the current administration to take better decisions. However, we need more voices on the council representing more areas to make those arguments louder.

Our priorities for Norwich include:

  • Closing loopholes to ensure construction companies cannot sit on prime locations and instead build affordable homes that are urgently needed for a rapidly growing population.
  • Fighting for improved road safety, including standing with residents against removing traffic lights and creating local speed watch teams.
  • Standing up for local services, ensuring a good bus service to key areas, that pharmacies stay open and that life-saving defibrillators are available in more locations.
  • Ensuring that when the vulnerable in our fine city need help, they can find it, from action on problem gambling to homeless services.
  • Providing housing that all Norwich residents can be proud of, and that is adaptive to the tenant's needs - whatever their stage of life.

However, local elections can never be entirely divorced from the national political scene.

That scene is still dominated by the ticking clock to Brexit and the truth is that with both Labour and the Tories wedded to a hard Brexit every vote for them will be seen by Theresa May as a green light to crash out of the EU, damaging our economy and putting into uncertainty the future of many Norwich EU residents.

Never forget that our city voted remain and only the Lib Dems are unequivocally in favour of the people getting their say on the terms of the final Brexit deal.

It is time for a fresh approach for at City Hall, and so I urge you to vote Liberal Democrat on May 3rd.

Cllr James Wright