Liberal Democrat Response on Holt Hall

January 12, 2021 11:39 AM

Following the decision by Norfolk Tories not to revisit and reverse the decision to stop outdoor learning and sell Holt Hall rather than develop a plan to secure the future of outdoor learning at Holt Hall together with the investment required to ensure its long term sustainability, at the Special Council meeting on 11 January 2021, Steff Aquarone, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Norfolk County Council said -

"What this morning showed us is that the Tories continue to be intractable in the way they make decisions, despite the recent lesson from the High Court. They seemed annoyed that this matter was even being debated - yet as we heard, it's of huge importance to the people of Norfolk.

We also heard yet more conflicting information about how the decision had been made - with the leader of the council saying it was the cabinet, but his cabinet member laying the blame on officers.

The secrecy surrounding the whole thing stinks. If the Tories don't believe the 'media conspiracy' then they should disprove it by releasing the information that journalists have asked for.

If instead it's another example of opinion over evidence, then at least with the Asset of Community Value status, recently conferred on Holt Hall, buys time for alternatives to be sought. This is a ladder of opportunity for the Tories to climb down and allow for genuine engagement to take place in exploring the alternatives for such an important part of our young people's environmental education."

Councillor Steff Aquarone

Steff Dr Who