Barclays betrayal of Post Office customers

October 15, 2019 5:59 PM
By James Wright
Barclays Eaton closure cutting (

James Wright raising concerns in 2018

Before closing over 480 local branches in the past four years, Barclays assured its customers that they would still be able to do all their banking at their local Post Office. It was even argued that this could be a boost for local shops with Post Office counters as it would bring more customers through their doors.

But now Barclays has announced plans to stop their customers withdrawing cash from Post Office counters.

This is a massive betrayal, showing that the bank is more interested in maximising profits than in serving its customers and their communities.

Whilst more customers are switching to cashless payments, many low-income households rely on cash to keep track of their weekly budget. There are also a significant number of disabled and elderly customers who struggle to use cash machines, so need the support of a counter-service.

The Liberal Democrats are calling on Barclays to reverse this decision. Sign the petition to show your support for our campaign.