Norwich cycling investment benefits walkers and cyclists alike

September 30, 2015 1:50 PM

Councillor Judith LubbockCity Councillor Judith Lubbock wrote the following letter to the press on the subject of encouraging cycling as an Investment in our health.

Mike Woodhouse's letter (EDP 29/9) criticises the City and County Council for supporting safer cycling and calls The Pink Pedalway and the Avenues in particular 'a cycle track to nowhere that no cyclists will ever use'.

That could not be more further from the truth. The Avenues is currently a very well used route to and from the UEA, the NNUH and the Research Park. When work is completed on the Pink Pedalway it will provide a safer route for those cyclists through the city centre and eventually to Heartsease and the North of the city. Along the route there will be reduced speed limits to 20 mph.

At a time of congestion and pollution and more people suffering from illnesses caused by a sedentary life style, it is the very time to put resources into encouraging more cycling and walking. For far too long resources and road space have been directed at the motorist. We now must have a better balance to consider other more sustainable forms of transport. The money spent is investment in keeping cyclists and walkers safer and healthier.