'Six to Fix' for Norwich

August 16, 2010 5:36 PM

Six to Fix for NorwichThe Norwich Liberal Democrats have launched their 'Six to Fix' manifesto for the September 9th by-elections. The manifesto identifies six policies to improve services in Norwich.

Rosalind Wright, acting Leader of the Lib Dems at City Hall, commented:

"We will be asking local people to look at our positive policies and our record of strong community action. We will be standing on a manifesto to improve the council's performance and stop money being wasted at City Hall, open up the council and the democratic process, bring forward green initiatives, improve the transport infrastructure, do more to support local business, and above all create a safer and more pleasant city for everyone to live in."

Six to Fix for Norwich

Stop the Council wasting your money

• Improve efficiency - Labour is missing targets on council tax collection rates, housing void turnarounds and in customer service.

• Reduce spending on consultants and marketing.

• Reform council meeting structure and reduce councillor allowances.

Devolve power to the people

• Open-up the Council to proper public scrutiny by putting more information online.

• Introduce e-petitions and a system where the public can call-in decisions and force councillors to think again.

• Further devolution of budgets to local communities.

A Greener City

• Introduce a Cycle-Hire scheme.

• Boost recycling to 50% within 2 years.

• Encourage the creation of more public green spaces and community ownership of green spaces.

Improve transport infrastructure

• Introduce 20mph speed limits in residential areas.

• Lobby the government to improve the Norwich-London rail link.

• Work with our county partners to improve road and pavement conditions including potholes.

More support for local business

• Open-up procurement and work with local businesses to help them secure contracts.

• Base all council call-centres in the UK.

• Encourage start-up businesses through a small business development fund.

Safer and cleaner streets

• A responsive and proactive approach to public concerns over dangerous roads and anti-social behaviour.

• Cleaner streets and enhanced partnership working to tackle fly-tipping and graffiti.

• Ensure the Council makes efficient use of the various neighbourhood teams.